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Be the Love of Your Life

What if I gave you the key to finding the love of your life in this post? Like, actually, one simple step to attracting the man or woman of your dreams... What if I told you every thing that you want is simple as cutting into a soft cake? Okay okay calm down... I'm just getting your attention, but trust that what I am about to say can change your entire world as it did with mine.

Imagine if the love you give to others was directed towards you? You might buy yourself a lovely gift to smile at. Maybe choose your favorite resturant to pig out on a mundane Monday. Might even think you are the most beautiful person to exist (a little too narcissistic but hear my point). You may choose to stay inside instead of going out, buy groceries instead of fast food, play that "annoying" song instead of something common, not pickup that extra shift, wear a bright blouse instead of a black tee, go on that camping trip with your friends instead of staying in, might say no to cleaning up cause you are tired. Might break up with that ex for good this time... Ha Ha. Imagine the life you could live if your own needs were in front of the line...

Seeing yourself as the love of your life seems like an awkwardly difficult task if you are a person who puts tons of love into the world just to recieve so little in return. A people pleaser is the label. You may be a person that treats your lover with gifts, affection, money, and time. Just to enjoy their unreciprocated company, knowing in your gut "forever" does not exist in the connection. You start to ask yourself, "Why am I such a good person? Where is the person that is good to me?" You start to feel like a loser in all these games called, "love." Then, of course, you begin to look within for an answer, "What is wrong with me? Why do people keep playing with my heart? I don't play with theirs?" Self evaluation starts looking like a foggy mirror, for you lost sight of what ever existed. Your reflection is suffocating in a toxic haze of settling for lusty approval in exchange for the deadliest form of love that will only lead your mind into a hurricane of insanity. Yes, I said it, so read it again. Your decisions are playing yourself.

What if I told you it is time to unlease who you are, and go crazy for YOU. Stop trying to be that selfless, nice, little person, and put yourself FIRST. You have done enough for people who do not care about you. You have done enough when it comes to wasting energy on people that are not benefiting you. You have given your body up too many times to people who aren't worthy to even walk near your temple. You have overindulged in this fantasy land that never existed, and now you are left hoping on a star that was only ever a metero falling from the sky. You have done enough saying, "yes," to others, blatantly saying, "no," to your needs. You have done enough giving people the benefit of the doubt just to keep them around, making a comfy room for another stab in your heart. Time is UP. The clock is brand new, now. The clock evolves around you. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

24 hours to make decisions based on what makes you feel comfortable, safe, happy, and alive. Doesn't that sound lovely? Wouldn't it be lovely to show yourself the same compassion you have for others? I bet you'd start questioning why you ever excluded yourself in the first place.

Hopefully, all attention is still here because I have not finished. Being the love of your life may be a tricky task for all the people pleasers watching this, but I am going to show you how in 4 very simple, costless ways.

  • Decision-Making: In every small decision you make throughout the day, consider what you want first, and then consider other factors, if involved.

  • Me-Time: Take at least an hour a day to relax into your favorite hobby, tv show, song, book, treat, etc.

  • Get to Know: Write down all the things you like. AND all the things you don't like. Write your values, goals, hobbies, interests, accomplishments. Then look at it and celebrate YOU. Fall in love with you are, and what you have become.

  • Affirmations and Prayer: Speak nicely into your heart everyday, and call on a higher power to assist you on this journey. Trust that you are worthy of your desires.

Now, that I have shared a powerful tool that has helped me grow into a strong woman. I hope that your journey continues to evolve, and reach higher mentalities that make you hug yourself like a mitten to a hot cocoa cup. I believe in your abilities to love yourself in a way that is so precious not even you could knock it down. Trust me, the love of your life is on its way, but as we've all heard before.. you can't love anyone if you don't love yourself. It's not said without reason. I'm only the messenger. Best wishes to your journey.

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