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How to Date Yourself

We all know that going out alone can be very anxiety striking, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to try it? Being out alone can feel as though everyone is looking, and questioning, "Why are they alone?" It can feel like you are suppose to be with someone else in order to seem in place. Worse....What if you run into someone you know? They will definitly judge your life, "Man, they are lonely."

I have good new for you. All of those thoughts are anxiety driven, and they are not factual. No one truly cares about you that much to bash you for being alone, even someone that you know. Yes, they may wonder

a bit, but that wonder won't last longer than 5 minutes because they are probably worrying if the ketchup stain on their shirt is super noticable. Plus, the people who are wondering that much are just insecure because a secure person doesn't judge, leave it to God. Some people may even appreciate your ability to go out alone because it is a strength that many do not posess.

Hopefully, I elimanated a few fears related to going out by yourself. It is an experience I heavily reccomend if you are a... person. Dating yourself allows you to meet who you are without any other influences to take away from your own wants and needs. You have the opportunity to figure out who you are on your own that way when your love comes along, you do not conform to what they like or want simply because you are unfamiliar with your own likes and wants.

The other day, I took myself to the alamo drafthouse to watch Avatar. I ordered my favorite mexican vanilla milkshake, a burger, fries, and a bin of popcorn. Heaven. I know. I sat there uncomfortable at first considering everyone around me had a date, but then I found comfort in knowing that I do not know anyone here. It is just me, chowing down on delicicious food, enjoying an amazing movie, with good company... myself! I didn't have to worry about another person's needs. There was zero potential for arguments, disagreements, or even wondering if the other person is enjoying my company. No one, no stress. No worries about whether they are having a good time, if my outfit is enough, if im chewing proper, cause honestly fuck that. Being alone made me realize, "why would I worry about these things in the first place?"

The message I am attempting to get across is the person you are alone should not change when you are around others. See the value in your own company. Spending time with yourself will help you learn who you are, so when you get around other people you'll notice more easily that you're not being your authentic self. Learn who you are that way you won't loose it in love. Think to yourself: Do you want the person to love you because of the things you do for them? Or for who you are? You choose your battles with the way you present yourself to the world. The people that leave because they don't like your personality, that's good! Let your personality be a social filter, so you can filter through the people you don't need faster instead of catering to be liked by someone who you could, honestly, care less about.

Relieve any fear related to being alone, and face your fear by doing it! Be brave, you are amazing!

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